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One of the things that made recently-crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo of Iloilo stand out was her answer in the final Q&A portion of the pageant, when the top five contestants were asked: “If you could create a new paper currency with the image of any Filipino on it, dead or alive, who would it be and why?”

True to her Ilongga routes, she responded: Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

This, naturally, gained the attention of many Pinoys, some expressing the same sentiment while others criticizing Rabiya for her choice. 

But regardless of where you stand on the country’s blurry political spectrum, you have to admit you were at least curious to see Miriam on a paper currency. 

On Oct. 26, a netizen by the name of Mikel Sarate shared on Facebook a P2,000 bill with the late senator on it. 

Miriam 2000 bill 1024x853 - Miriam on the face of a new paper currency? A netizen makes it real
‘The president we never had’ on the face of a P2,000 bill designed by Mikel Sarate

This imagined P2,000 bill features elements that reflect the heritage of Miriam’s hometown, with her face on the front and the Jaro Cathedral on the back of the paper currency. It’s red, according to Mikel, to symbolize the phenomenal woman that the late senator was.

There’s also a hablon, an indigenous fabric in Iloilo, and a rafflesia flower, one of the big five endemic species in Panay. Other elements included are a Medal of Honor, an award that Miriam received for her efforts to rid a government agency of graft and corruption, and a photo of the senate in session.

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