Actress Maxene Magalona has cut and gave her hair away to be made into wigs for cancer patients.

Untitled 8 - Maxene Magalona cuts hair for cancer patients’ wig

Maxene showing the hair cut from her (Photos from her Instagram account)

Those with the illness is close to her heart because her dad Francis Magalona died of multi-organ failure after a long battle with leukemia, a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Maxene shared how she finally decided to go for the haircut.

“I was always so scared to do it (haircut), thinking that my hips were too huge and that I needed long hair to balance things out,” she explained.

She thanked her husband, Rob Mananquil, who never fails to encourage her.

“I finally mustered up the courage to do it!,” she declared. “And I’m so glad he convinced me because I got to donate my hair again but this time to @hairforhope.heads at @headsbyvolumed_manila!”

She encouraged her followers that “you can also donate yours to them, if you’re ever planning to have your long locks chopped too!”

page - Maxene Magalona cuts hair for cancer patients’ wig

MAXENE MAGALONA before and after the haircut

“They turn your hair into quality wigs for cancer patients who want to feel confident and beautiful. These wigs give them a sense of hope and the strength to continue to fight their battle with cancer. Hope you guys can help out!,” she added.

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