Martin Nievera has a cameo role in “Feelennial (Feeling Millennial),” a comedy movie led by Ai Ai delas Alas and Bayani Agbayani.

The last time he did a movie was…well, he, himself, doesn’t remember.

“I couldn’t say no (to Pops Fernandez, his ex-wife and co-producer of the film),” he said. “Our part, they’re cute. The whole movie revolves around our faces. It’s cute.” role and I thought that since it’s one day of shooting, it is okay. I’ll see if I can make a comeback,” he added.

While he does not miss acting, there’s this exception.

“For as long as it is a light movie where there are no heavy drama scenes, and if it is a feel-good movie with values, why not, (I’ll do it).”

Martin NieveraMR - Martin Nievera back on big screen via funny movie ‘Feelennial’

Martin Nievera

The singer was nervous when he got the shooting schedule as he was clueless what he was going to do in the film.

“Pops never told me what my role was. All she said was ‘Don’t say no. You go to Nuvali where the shooting is.’ ‘What will I do?’ ‘Don’t ask, just bring a hoodie and wear jeans.’ I had no idea about my role until I got there,” Martin shared.

For his cameo role, Martin did not charge a single centavo.

“Absolutely not. And even if I charge, it would be even worse for me, I think. If I charge, I will no longer be invited to Christmas dinner!”

All together now

Actually, the movie is a family affair. His son, Robin, did the score and there’s that part with little animation that another son, Ram, did.”

Martin shared this is just the start of many things to come for DSL, Pops’ production company.

“We’re also gonna start on tour again for the States and hopefully we will end the tour here,” he revealed.

Rare reunion

Martin spent last Father’s Day with his kids, namely Robin, Ram and Santino.

“It was one of those rare Father’s Days wherein my kids are complete,” he said.

Does he long to have a baby girl?

“Every girl I am seeing doesn’t want a child anymore. Not with me. My girlfriend says she has three kids, I have two kids, we’re done,” he said.

Prayer for Eddie Garcia

Martin is one of the artists devastated by what happened to Eddie Garcia who, as of this writing, remains in life support after an accident.

He recalled a recent event where he saw him.

“You know what, you really don’t know life. Life is like that. In a snap of a finger. He even joined me in my production number. He doesn’t even know the words but he kept on singing,” Martin said.

“He should have been seated on a stool—but he kicked the stool away! So all the while, he was standing when I was singing and my number was really long.

“I will not forget that night. At least in my last memory, my last vision of him before he became quiet, was (that he was) happy, game.”

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