Filipino actress Marinella Moran may have found a new life in Singapore but her heart will always be in Manila.

mar3 - Marinella Moran gears for movie comeback

Marinella Moran

“Manila will always be my home even if I don’t stay there much often,” said Moran in an interview last Wednesday.

These days, Moran is gearing up for a comeback in Philippine showbiz which she misses a lot.

“Show business will always be a big part of my life. There’s one person who keeps encouraging me to comeback. I think I am smart and I am still beautiful. He says showbiz really runs in my blood.hahaha! So why not try again? I miss the people in Manila who I used to work with,” Moran said.

Moran said that several projects have been lined-up for her once she returns to Manila, according to her new talent manager Tatta Saguin, also a national pageant director.

“I am excited to be part of these showbiz projects, including a movie. For now I want everything to be secret muna. Details to follow. Excited na uli ako magpshoot,” she added.

Moran was active in showbiz in the late 1990s. She started acting for Seiko Films when she was only 13. One of her memorable films was “Paraiso ni Efren” which was directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes. She was even nominated for new actress category in that film.

But she decided to give up her promising career when she got married.early 2005. She admitted she has a difficult transition from being a movie star to private life.

When she kept herself away from limelight, Moran got busy with a small business in Singapore.

Asked what role she would love to tackle these days, Moran said: “I like mature roles this time. I want to portray role of a mother. Drama and comedy are also okay.”

Moran said that she occasionally visits Manila and would love to settle here for good in the future.

“I may not be staying in Manila now. But I will someday. My heart will always be in the Philippines,” he said.

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