Filipinos share an undeniable love for basketball so they will do whatever it takes to watch a game or two on court, or even on screen.

One of the trending topics on social media platforms (number two in the Philippine list as of press time) is the recently concluded NBA Finals, which saw Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors wrestled for the NBA Championship title.

Raptors took home the trophy with a score of 114 versus 110.

Some local celebrities can’t help but react on the result, posting their sentiments on Twitter.

nba  - Local celebs react to #NBA Finals 2019

Joey de Leon: “Congrats TORTANG RAPTORS! Este TORONTO pala!”

Bianca Gonzalez: “Maaaan so wanted them to go back to Oracle one last time but the Raptors deserve to win this. Kawhi on his way to becoming one of the greats! Congratulations Toronto fans!!!!”

Jake Ejercito: “Wow, the Raptors just really did that!! Congrats to Toronto!”

Martin Nievera: ” I am a warriors fan, but I am very happy for Toronto. Good game.”

Christian Bautista: “Grabe ang nba game na to !!!!”

Yeng Constantino: “What a game! Congrats Raptors! Good game GSW!”

Pokwang: “Klaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!”

Jairus Aquino: “thank you klay, thank you kd, thank you steph, thank you dray, thank you cousins, thank you iggy, thank you looney, thank you cook, thank you jerebko, thank you bell, thank you bogut, thank you livingston, thank you jones, thank you evans #respect #DubNation”

Gretchen Ho: “What great learning. Wonder how Kawhi will change NBA culture in the years to come.”

Ramon Bautista: “Ganda ng laban. Galing ng raptors!”

Ebe Dancel: “I missed the game, but i saw the clip of Klay going down and returning to shoot free throws. Take a bow, @warriors. This 2018-2019 version is my favorite team yet. #DubNation”

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