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Maria Montessori Foundation in Alabang has moved forward with academic year 2020-2021 adapting to what the Department of Education calls “Online Distance Learning.”    It allows live synchronous instruction, realtime responses, and a more interactive than the other types of distance learning.  

Despite the remote distance between the teacher and the student, Maria Montessori Foundation believes that the Montessori principles of child development work equally well with distance learning at home.  It simply presents a new environment, that may even be advantageous as it is familiar to the child.  The sense of belonging is inherently present.   

The home also allows for a simulation of Practical Life in real life.  Practical Life is a purposeful activity aimed at developing motor control and coordination while developing independence, concentration, and a sense of responsibility.  It covers two main areas of development: care of self and care of the environment.  Activities may include meal preparation, cleaning, gardening, caring for clothes, and the like at home.  Practical Life that is real as real can get, providing opportunities for the child to show independence in real home situations.  One of the best ways to build a child’s self-esteem. 

Observing and guiding the students are Maria Montessori Foundation’s experienced teachers.  All have undergone training with the Association Montessori Internationale, ensuring a holistic approach in helping the children become truly capable and productive individuals.  All have adjusted to working with devices, apps, and technologies to make the learning experience as effective as they were before.  

Ms. Judith Pitero, directress of Maria Montessori Foundation shared, “The universal characteristics of the child is unique, unrepeatable, respectable, and admirable.  Their natural desire to learn will overcome whatever limitations they are experiencing now as the child will adapt and continue to be connected.  Advocate the Montessori education for children to discover who they are.”

The Montessori way fosters self-motivated development for children and adolescents in all areas of development, from cognitive, emotional, social, and physical.  Thus, the creation of independent learners who are capable and prepared for the real world.

Some may think that this is too much to expect from a child,  but maybe we have to simply believe in the child.  More so now, when we are dealing with a pandemic that creates a new normal.  

With healthcare limitations set, distance learning is the new normal for most educational institutions.   And if the conditions remain, it is going to be the modality for the entire school year.   

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