“Gtalk” offers a fresh opportunity to discuss important issues in today’s world. Every episode is full of useful information that viewers are going to find very interesting.

KC 1024x576 - KC Concepcion to talk about cooking, life and love matters in ‘Gtalk’

Last Sept. 10, Gtalk Media launched its  YouTube Channel. It is an all-women talk show similar to “The View” on ABC Network, but in YouTubers’ style. 

“Gtalk” features four women from different generations ranging from ages 22-50, offering perspectives on various topics. Some of the topics they discuss include entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech, health, travel, and community events. 

Every episode of Gtalk on YouTube promises to be exciting, informative, and educative. It’s a whole new dimension to engaging viewers in meaningful conversations that adds value to their lives. 

Gtalk episodes out on Youtube right now the include beauty tips with Philippine’s #1 Beauty expert Dr. Vicky Belo, Marjorie Barretto on parenting with special appearance by Julia Barretto, Donita Rose on her P4 peso pandemic miracle and this Friday, October 16, it’s KC Conception’s sustainable online cooking show, love and life matters.

Four women from different backgrounds and generations sound like fun. The most interesting aspect is how each of them views a topic and interprets it to the audience. For those who’re looking for a balanced perspective from every angle, Gtalk is the answer. 

The host Monica Mendoza is a generation Z. She is an American Idol 2015 Season 14 finalist. She is a versatile artist with a natural gift for singing, dancing, painting, drawing, playing the ukelele, guitar, and the piano. 

Environmentalist, singer, and model, Jessica La Frentz, is one of the youngest in the group. She is a highly motivated person who brings so much energy and life to the generational talk show. Camille Dyquiangco is the other millennia. 

The former competitive dancer and beauty queen has a bachelor’s degree in nutritional biochemistry and metabolism. 

Viewers will also be enjoying girl talk and guy talk with Gia Galicia, who is going to appeal to the generation X. Gia is a fashion designer whose line has been worn by actress Vivica A, Fox, TV personality Jeannie Mae, Model Mae Musk (mother of Elon Musk), R&B singer Goapele among others. 

Gtalk is recommended for both male and female viewers and those looking for a fresh perspective on our modern world’s issues.

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