Former actress Jewel Mische has embraced motherhood.

She and her American husband Alex Kurzer are expecting their second baby girl, whom they will name “Emerald.”

As she prepares for the day she gives birth, Jewel shared snippets of the fairy tale-inspired nursery for the baby.

An interesting detail of the nursery is the 125-year-old crib.

“Well.. I haven’t exactly got everything checked off my to-do list for Emerald’s room but I honestly don’t know how it can get any more special. Her iron crib is 125 yr old heirloom piece, the bedding was especially tailored for her, the mini chandelier was made in Spain, & the fairytale mirror is also vintage.

“This specific canopy crown is uncommon & yet I got it brand new from an auction to match her bed!”

jewel - Jewel Mische reveals story of iron crib for second baby

Jewel Mische

Jewel recalled some childhood memories.

She wrote, “Interesting fact.. While I have a fervent appreciation for castle style beds, once upon a time, this mama actually slept on banigs (handwoven mats made out of palm).

“I co-slept with my grandparents until I was about 11 yo. I spent most of my childhood living on the farm without electricity, nothing but the cool breeze substituting the need for electric fans.”

“Another classic bed from my childhood was the hammock made of ropes strung between the trees. My days consisted of playing outside, climbing mountains of sacks of rice… reading comic books & spending lazy afternoons on those hammocks with the soft wind gently rocking me to sleep. Ah, those were the days.”

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