Actress Iza Calzado couldn’t help but get emotional over the fact that she can donate plasma to people afflicted with COVID-19.

IZA CALZADO 1 - Iza Calzado turns emotional while donating plasma

Iza Calzado

She revealed on Instagram that her first donation was made on June 12, Independence Day.

“After failing several tests to be an eligible plasma donor for Covid-19, because of low hemoglobin levels, I was cleared to donate last Tuesday,” she shared. “I never knew that giving my blood would be such an emotional moment for me. Perhaps it’s because, as a Covid-19 Survivor, I truly felt that this was one of the most powerful ways I could help my fellow Filipinos during this time.”

Iza revealed that when the doctor played “Bayan Ko” while she was doing the donation, tears fell from her eyes.

“It gave me so much hope to think that maybe I could help restore someone’s health and that, through our collective efforts, we can restore our country’s well being and make it better. Love and Light!”

It was April when Bulletin Entertainment reported Iza will be donating her blood plasma after her COVID-19 test results turned out to be negative for coronavirus disease 2019 after getting a re-test.


That month, veteran actor Christopher de Leon, who also survived COVID-19, also donated his plasma.


The government is encouraging COVID-19 survivors to donate their antibodies to help other patients fight the disease.

The Philippines has recorded 24,787cases of COVID-19, including 1,052 fatalities and 5,454 recoveries as of press time.

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