Artist and influencer Issa Pressman dismissed rumors involving her in the breakup of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, popularly known as JaDine.

issa - Issa Pressman stays clear of JaDine break-up

Issa Pressman

In an Instagram post, Pressman said she wanted to “end” all the tittle-tattle about her and JaDine “here and now.”

“If I stay silent, I’m ‘guilty.’ If I stand up for myself, I’m ‘defensive.’ The world judges either way,” she wrote.

“Everything is 100% FALSE. #ThinkBeforeYouClick,” she added.

Pressman also encouraged everyone to “move on.”

Reid and Lustre have both expressed support for Pressman on social media.

“Sorry you girls got dragged into this. There are some messed up people out there,” Reid commented under an Instagram post of Pressman’s elder sister, Yassi.

Lustre meanwhile wrote: “Love u both @yassipressman @pressmanissa.”

Yassi earlier defended Issa against netizens who “pointed fingers” at her sister for Lustre and Reid’s breakup.

“Do not be so quick to point fingers, when you do not have the proper information,” Yassi wrote.

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