Just a day after rumors of her breakup with Jimuel Pacquiao made rounds online, Heaven Peralejo uploaded a vlog addressing some “intriguing assumptions” about her.

What made the YouTube video become more interesting to fans and bashers alike is when the young actress mentioned an “ex,” fueling speculations of her breakup with Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s eldest son.

Clearing up the “gold digger” assumption about her, Heaven explained she works hard to help her family.

One netizen asked: “How much money have you gotten from the Pacquiao’s so far?”

JIMUEL HEAVEN - Is it really over for Heaven and Jimuel?

JIMUEL PACQUIAO and Heaven Peralejo

When Jimuel and Heaven came out as a couple last March, some naysayers implied that her intention was only motivated by money.

“Hindi ko alam kung saan nanggagaling yung rumors and everything…I mean, I don’t get money from him. I mean, I have work. Hindi ko naman siya tatay para kunan ng pera,” she answered.

Later on, the young actress blurted out, “Maybe because sa ex ko — ay,” but refused to name names.

In a past interview, Jimuel came to her defense and said: “There’s no way na ganun siya (gold-digger).”

Rumors of Jimuel and Heaven’s separation came about when they unfollowed each other and deleted their photos together on their respective Instagram pages.

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