K-pop boy band iKON will come back with a new album for release this week.

The third mini-album, titled “i DECIDE,” will be out on Feb. 6 and features iKON’s six members Bobby, Jay, Song, Ju-ne, Chan and DK. This will be their first album since B.I. left the idol group in June last year.

“I DECIDE” will feature the promotional single “Dive” and four other songs: “Ah Yeah,” “All The World,” “Holding On” and “Flower.”

Despite his departure from the group, B.I. is part of the creative group as songwriter and composer along with Millenium, Bobby, DK, Diggy, Kang Uk-jin, Seung, Dustyy Han, HRDR and iHwak.

DK co-wrote and produced “Flower,” according to the YG blog, while Bobby wrote “Ah Yeah,” “All The World” and “Flower.”
iKON’s last album was the compilation album “The New Kids” released in January 2019.

1IKON - iKON returns with new album ‘i DECIDE’

iKON’s concept photo for their new album (YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment explained the album was completed in early 2019 and was originally set for release middle of last year.

“However, in the middle of 2019, B.I – the group’s former leader and producer – suddenly left iKON. The plan to release new songs has been postponed indefinitely, and internally, the agency was really cautious about how to use the songs that were completed in early 2019,” the agency said, reported Osen.

It thought of “removing all the songs that B.I participated in composing and starting over with completely new songs, however, we felt deeply worried and could not help but consider that this would make iKON’s period of hiatus and return even longer.” B.I’s rap parts were removed and six members re-recorded them.

“After a long time of concern, the members and the agency decided to apply both methods. The original songs are not B.I’s self-composed songs but collaborative work with YG’s composing team. These are also songs containing affection and effort of iKON members in the preparation process, so we decided to modify and use them at the same time, we also added new songs from other members, who will make their names known for the first time as composers, to this new album to encourage their active involvement in composing,” YG Entertainment said.

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