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Global tech giant Huawei finally launched the much-anticipated Huawei Y7a smartphone, the brand’s newest entry in its famed Y Series. The Y7a sports a refreshed design and upgraded feature set fit for the trendy lifestyles of today’s youth.

An online media event held on October 29, 2020 served as the Huawei Y7a’s official debut, which included guest appearances by a couple of popular social media stars. Macoy Dubs of “Aunt Julie” fame and Jae Miranda AKA “Virtual Boyfriend” regaled the audience with their respective character bits, and discussed their favorite activities using the Huawei Y7a.

It’s no surprise that young online personalities like Macoy and Jae love the Y7a, given how Huawei highlights “Y for Youth, Y for You” as the core message behind the new device and the Y Series going forward, focusing particularly on the lifestyles and interests of the younger generation.  

A finely-crafted smartphone just for “You”

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High-powered camera systems – The Huawei Y7a stands out in its segment solely because of its 48MP AI Quad Cameras, which gives users a superb shooting experience for the price. Each lens – a 48MP high-res camera, an 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle camera, 2MP Macro camera and 2MP Depth camera – works together to produce high-quality images in all scenarios, even having a dedicated Night Mode for capturing exciting moments in dimly-lit environments.

Greater battery life – A hefty 5000mAh battery powers all-day binge parties and livestreaming sessions on the Huawei Y7a, boosted by the 22.5W SuperCharge technology that refuels the phone as quick as users need it to – a 10-minute charge is enough for 2 hours of video playback, for instance.

Bigger and clearer display – At 6.67 inches, the Huawei Y7a’s FHD+ Display provides a 90% screen-to-body ratio to users’ hands for maximum visual excitement. The phone’s slim frame feels like the display flows into the hand, adding excellent tactile feedback to the vivid screen’s clarity.

Large storage and RAM – Flicking between apps seamlessly is easy with the Y7a’s 4GB of RAM, while the generous 128GB of storage means more space for high-res pictures, fun videos and exciting games. 

AppGallery: the Boutique Store of apps

Exploring the Huawei AppGallery opens up the Huawei Y7a’s incredible potential, with millions of apps populating its selection ranging from entertainment and lifestyle entries to utility and productivity-focused titles. To complement the Y7a and its amazing camera capabilities, there’s a suite of photography and editing tool apps recommended for any shutterbug.

A rewarding download experience 

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A robust rewards system marks the AppGallery’s unique offerings, including a current event with survival shooter game Garena Free Fire. Downloading the game on AppGallery grants one lucky draw for users, for a chance to win incredible prizes like Lazada vouchers or premium Huawei devices like the Watch GT2, Nova 7 SE and P40 Pro.

You may check out the promo via this link and via the QR code below: https://tinyurl.com/y5bxw8mq

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AppGallery constantly adds new apps and games to its sprawling library, making it the third-biggest mobile app platform in the world. Moreover, the downloadable Petal Search Widget lets users search and download apps right from the home screen.

Revolving around the Y Series’ “Y for Youth, Y for You” theme, the Huawei Y7A (SRP Php 8,999) highlights the younger generation’s unique interests in their digital lifestyles. By offering a well-rounded set of exciting features at an entry-level price point, the Y7a successfully embodies youthful energy bursting with immense potential. #48MPQuadCamForYou #HUAWEIY7aPH #YforYou

To know more about HUAWEI Y7a, you may check out this link: https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/phones/y7a/

To pre-order via Huawei Store, Lazada and Shopee, you may check out these links:

  • Huawei Store: https://tinyurl.com/yyntss3o
  • Lazada: https://tinyurl.com/y3ysornu
  • Shopee: https://tinyurl.com/yxeu98kn

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