Heart Evangelista is doing fine and she’s as sincere as ever with her answers in this exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment.

Any lesson or realization you had as the world battles with COVID-19?

“Seeing what’s happening in the world is heartbreaking. What I’ve come to realize over the past few weeks is that the things we used to take for granted are what matters most— spending time with family and taking comfort in the simple things in life.”

How do you use your platforms to help other people and make good use of your celebrity?

“I learned that everyday is a new day to do something worthwhile and to hopefully help change people’s lives in any way we can. I check my messages everyday and I plan to do this for as long and as much as I can. I just want to be able to share the blessings that I have received to those who need it more. In the end, material things don’t really matter. All we really need are love, life, and happy memories that we can bring into the afterlife so I want to do my part in making life easier, better, and happier especially to those who are in need.”

How do you pick the people the help?

“May mga taong kailangan ng tulong, like those who are undergoing dialysis or people who have cancer and need constant medication. It’s very hard kasi minsan may mga cases na more than once mo sila kailangan tulungan. But people must understand na nagta-trabaho po ako to earn for a living and a big part of what I earn I give to charity. Sa awa ng Diyos, we’ve been helping a lot of people with my humble contributions.”

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You’re away from your husband at this time. How are you coping so far?

“I’m so thankful because I’m surrounded by people who keep me productive and positive! Chiz has been such a huge part of me, binukas niya ‘yung mata ko sa realidad. When he started to be busy, nasanay na rin ako. Why would I be selfish when they need him? I miss him a lot, but I’ m also proud of him. With the kids, sobrang okay kami, nagkakilala kami lalo. Na-realize nila na para pala akong bata so jino-joke ko sila na ako yung panganay nilang kapatid.

“I miss him so much but I’m so proud of what he’s been doing for Sorsogon.

How do you stay creative?

“It’s not easy but I’ve been keeping myself busy and I try to make the best of the situation. As you’ve probably seen in my vlog, I redesigned almost every corner of my home! I work on a couple of paintings, some personal projects, throw the best costume party, spend time with the kids by cooking, and do our best to help those in need.”

What do you miss the most about going outside and, as they say, the “real normal” before all of these things happened?

“I miss working but the community quarantine really taught me how to make each day count. I also miss the foundations that I used to visit and seeing the people I am helping especially the people in Sorsogon. I guess iba pa rin kapag nakikita mo personally yung mga ngiti nila na para bang nawawala yung mga problema nila pag nakikita ko sila and in return it gives joy to my heart seeing and being with them.”

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