Athlete and broadcast journalist Gretchen Malalad came to the rescue of abandoned cats as she slammed an administrative order of Dasmarinas Village in Makati City not to feed them.

Malalad, 2005 Southeast Asian karate gold medalist and broadcast journalist, has been criticizing the admin order of the posh village which she described as cruelty against animals.

Her series of posts started on Oct. 3 after she was given a ticket by the village administration for feeding the abandoned cats.

gret6 - Gretchen Malalad hits alleged cruelty to animals in posh village

“This is the ticket that the Dasmariñas Village Makati admin gave me for feeding stray cats. At the back of the ticket is the CODE OF VIOLATION AND PENALTY MATRIX. Feeding stray cats is not even in the list! Look at E11 – cruelty and inflicting harm on animals. The Dasmariñas board and admin should fine themselves because they’re the ones violating the village rule by being cruel to animals! #animalcruelty CARA Welfare Philippines Pawssion Project Rescues PH,” she said.

gret7 - Gretchen Malalad hits alleged cruelty to animals in posh village

Later the same day, Malalad shared on Facebook: “Dasmariñas Village Makati admin has installed new signs at the vacant lot where we do the feeding of cats. They should enforce REPUBLIC ACT 8485 instead of punishing compassionate residents! Security guards were there taking videos and pictures of us feeding. Parang red tagging lang diba?! Do you know of any other village who does this? This is an upscale village but their made up rules are draconian. Nancy from CARA was there to show her support. To all animal lovers out there please help and share this post. #notoanimalcruelty Pawssion Project Rescues PH.”

On Oct. 4, Malalad shared on Facebook a photo of the new sign with the caption: “This is how we celebrate! Happy World Animal Day! #notoanimalcruelty #notoanimalabandonment.”

Netizens have expressed support to Malalad in her campaign against cruelty to animals.

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