Socialite-actress Gretchen Barretto thanked her younger sister Claudine for inspiring her to be a good daughter as she affirmed love and support for her family.

Gretchen expressed her gratitude to Claudine in the comments section of her post om Instagram where she uploaded a photo of her family.

“I am overjoyed to see you all looking so happy 😃 know that I appreciate each of you for making mom aliw💕 bro j , i am proud of you💕baby girl, clau thank you for inspiring me to be a better daughter. Our ate mich ( ❤️,” said Gretchen.

claud1 3 - Gretchen Barretto affirms love for Claudine, family

Claudine wrote her caption: “Happy Civil wedding anniversary of Mom & Dad.we miss u Dad. Thank u jjbarretto @gretchenbarretto.” Miguel Alvir Barretto, father of sisters Gretchen, Claudine and Marjoie Barretto passed away in October 2019.

Few days ago, Claudine posted on IG: 1″st year Death anniversary of my Dad.we terribly miss u Dad.its been 1year already & its hurts more & more each day.we luv u Daddy,forever & always😘🙏🏻 jjbarretto.”

gretch - Gretchen Barretto affirms love for Claudine, family
Gretchen Barretto

Gretchen replied:”Hello my family ❤️”

Claudine: “Yes OUR FAMILY.”

Gretchen: “I’ll join you next time.”

Last year, the Barretto sisters made headlines following a commotion between Marjorie and Gretchen at the wake of their father.

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