There is a fresh face on the internet who is trending and his name is Chad Kinis.

IMG 1137 1096x1250 - GOSSIP GIRL: The rise of Chad Kinis as TV personality, vlogger

“Actually, if you see me in person and watch my vlogs, you can’t call me fresh face due to my pimples that have pimples of their own,” he joked. “Ako po si Chad Kinis, and baklang bokbok na may tinatagong panot.”

I first met Chad on the Sharon Cuneta show. He was a jester there, meaning someone who makes the audience laugh and raises their adrenaline before the taping so that when the stars come out, people are already hyped and roaring.

Even then, I found Chad to be entertaining, witty and funny. He’s charming and charismatic, and he even went to my dressing room to ask if he could have a picture with me. When Viva offered TV program “Karaokray” to me, I recommended Chad to be jester of my show.

During my show’s second season, I convinced Viva Artist agency big boss Veronique del Rosario to sign up Chad. Later, I pushed for him to become my co-host, officially starting his TV career.

Soon, Chad started vlogging again. See, he was already doing it in 2008 but the number of followers he has only increased exponentially after he won second runner–up in the “Miss Q&A” contest on “It’s Showtime.”

Currently, Chad has 513,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. The 102 videos he uploaded have racked up 16 million views.

“At first, I had a difficult time vlogging because I was not used to talking to the camera. On TV and in the movies kasi, breaking the fourth wall is a no-no. But since my followers kept asking me to produce more vlogs, I became best friends with the cameras.

“Creating content regularly is important if you want to have a lot of followers. If you produce a vlog weekly, more people will follow you.

“Collaboration is important too. My channel increased in followers when I collaborated with one of the most popular vloggers in the Philippines, Lloyd Cadena.
“Lastly, make your vlogs, interesting, informative but most of all funny. Just give good vibes.”

Chad’s most recent collaboration was with fellow comedians MC and Lassie.

“We collaborated on a new account called Beks Batallion. While waiting for MC during the shoot, Lassie and I decided to play a prank on MC to punish him for constantly being late,” he said. ““So, Lassie and I pretended to fight while shooting the vlog. In less than 24 hours, that vlog amassed a whopping 1.5 million views!”

The comedian thanks all of his supporters and asks people to subscribe to his YouTube channel. And there goes my cue to do the same—do subscribe to my own YouTube channel named Giselle Sanchez.

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