There’s no stopping Basti Artadi from rocking the stage – and beating a battle with a tumor.

90sFrontmen solo basti - Good news from ’90s frontmen Basti Artadi, Dong Abay


Although the slacking on the right side of his face is still noticeable, the Wolfgang lead vocalist is grateful to have recovered from facial paralysis.

Above all, he can still sing.

“My face is still tagilid but I was able to get it done,” he said.

Basti was diagnosed with the tumor in 2009. “This tumor is on the nerves that control the right side of my face which is what is causing the paralysis,” Artadi wrote on social media at the time.

He added that doctors told him it may eventually lead to him “not [being] able to talk much less sing,” as “one side of my facial muscles are working more than the other.”

Basti underwent surgery in the US to improve his mouth’s limited movement.

The 43-year-old admitted he once thought he could never go back to his profession.

“In the beginning, I was losing it. Then the surgery went successful and I can move now. Most importantly, I can sing again. I can hit the high notes without getting tired.”

The artist

Those who listen to underground music surely know who Dong Abay is.

90sFrontmen solo - Good news from ’90s frontmen Basti Artadi, Dong Abay


But did you know that apart from being a rock star, he also ventured into other things that are art-related?

He formed Dong Abay Music Organization or D.A.M.O. He calls himself a gardener, a visual artist, a painter, an online humorist, and environmentalist.

“Basically, I have my life in the arts,” he said.

He is working on a new album and an exhibit. He sets up a bar, which, according to him, will help the community of musicians.

Dong Abay’s most recent achievement was when he graduated at the University of the Philippines with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Studies – 18 years since he first took the course.

Dong Abay and Basti are two of the artists in the upcoming concert “’90s Frontmen Acousticized.” Joining them are Wency Cornejo and Jett Pangan. Among their hits are “Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo, “Halik ni Hudas,” “Hanggang,” and “Salamat.”

90sfrontmen2 - Good news from ’90s frontmen Basti Artadi, Dong Abay

Basti and Dong with Wency Cornejo and Jett Pangan

Produced by Advantage International Marketing, “90s Frontmen Acousticized” takes place on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 at the Music Museum.

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