Disney’s Snow Queen, Elsa, will be heading to the north in search for the truth about her powers in the second instalment of “Frozen”.

ELSA - ‘Frozen 2’ ready to warm our hearts anew in November

(Walt Disney Studios / MANILA BULLETIN)

Walt Disney on Monday released the official trailer for “Frozen 2” and it sparked curiosity among fans about why Elsa was born with a magical ability.

In the trailer, Pabbie, the elderly ruler of trolls, was seen telling Anna to help “find the truth” about Elsa’s powers.

“Go north across the enchanted land and into the unknown but be careful,” Pabbie instructed.

“We have always feared that Elsa’s powers would be too much for this world. Now, we must hope they are enough,” Pabbie added.

Anna then promised Pabbie that she won’t let anything happen to her sister.

Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, will also join Elsa and Anna on their journey to the past.

“Frozen 2” will be shown in cinemas on November 22, 2019.

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