House members believe President Duterte is being mindful of his legacy in connection with what they described as his “renewed focus” in ridding the Philippine government of corruption.

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“I support the renewed focus against corruption of the President,” said Deputy Speaker and Surigao del Sur 2nd district Rep. Johnny Pimentel.

“If he will become succesful in eradicating corruption, he is the only President that would be able to do so. Definitely it will be his legacy to the Filipino people,” noted Pimentel, who is no stranger to exposing corruption thanks to his former designation as chairman of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability.

“Our country has been listed as one of the most corrupt countries and this is the biggest obstacle to our development. If we want to be at par with first world countries we must first eradicate corruption in our buraucracy,” the Mindanaoan stressed.

Duterte, Pimentel’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) party-mate, recently ordered the Department of Justice (DoJ) to investigate all allegations of corruption in government. He handed down this task with less than two years left in his Palace tenure.

“It’s achievable and possible,” Ang Probinsyano Party-list Rep. Ronnie Ong reckoned. “I feel our President, with this pronouncement, is already preparing his legacy.”

“He has said before that he despises corruption, but I think this time he wants to finish his term with a good legacy,” said Ong, a neophyte solon in the 18th Congress.

Although then-Davao City mayor Duterte ran for the presidency on the strength of his hardline stance against illegal drugs in 2016, he has also repeatedly made clear his hate toward red tape and corruption in government.

“The renewed focus of the President in eradicating corruption in the entire bureaucracy—from the lowest rank to the highest office—is really commendable,” Kabayan Party-List Rep. Ron Salo said.

“I think the President is simply exhibiting his mark as a true leader who has in his heart the interest of the people. He knows what exactly is needed to reform the government that will greatly redound to the benefit of our people,” he noted.

Salo said, however, that this all-out effort against corruption “certainly needs everyone’s support and hopefully will be sustained by his soon-to-be successor.”

“Eliminating it in the entire bureaucracy requires the highest political resolve and the support of all sectors of society,” added the former UP law professor.

Duterte will step down from office on June 30, 2022. 

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