As soon as Next Candidate (NC) for the auditions was called in, the panel was shocked to see her who happens to be a homegrown talent of the rival network.

Untitled 9 - FASHION PULIS: The field trip

As NC was already there, the panel gave her a chance to show her piece. During the question and answer part, she was asked if her present management knew she was going to them. NC replied in the negative. She was then informed the panel would make a call-back of auditionees who made it to the next round.

Out of courtesy, a senior official of NT1 called up NT2 to inform them of NC’s “field trip.” NC was called to explain and she said she merely wanted to try her luck. NT2 pointed out she has a contract with them and that even if she gets the role, she cannot just go up and leave.

The question remains if she would be given a next project, as she did defy the station.

Oh, incidentally, according to the grapevine, NC failed to impress the panel on the other side. It is said her acting was below par and that she was unfit for the role.

‘Openness, respect, integrity – these are principles that need to underpin pretty much every other decision that you make.’ —Justin Trudeau

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