SCRIPTED SCENE TURNED REAL copy 1400x707 - FASHION PULIS: Scripted scene turned real

Illustrations by Rod Cañalita

Behind the scenes of a network series is an open secret that Actress 1 (A1) and Actress 2 (A2) are on each other’s nerves. As A1 and A2 play important roles, showing off acting skills is not new and both give their best when they appear together. However, when one is highly motivated to get back at the other, the takes can get bloody.

When A1 found out that A2 was spreading a rumor on her poor acting skills and speculations of an influential benefactor, she had to exact revenge. The opportunity came during a crucial scene for their project. A1 came prepared and A2 had no idea of what was about to come.

It was a fight scene involving females and slapping. A1 decided to wear a ring. Prior to the actual take, the two were instructed to rehearse the scene using mild force. When A1 was instructed to slap A2, she allegedly hit the latter hard. One practice was not enough and they continued to rehearse. A2 started feeling that her cheeks were getting swollen. Subsequently, she complained to the head of production.

The head called the attention of A1 who said she only wanted to ensure their scene would be realistic. A2, however, was not amused. Thus, when A2 was up for her slapping scene, she did hers harder and pulled A1’s hair with might, trying to channel a woman fighting over territory.

As A1 and A2 seem to be acting, what the production team did not know was that the two were no longer acting. The tension was too much, but that worked wonders for their project. However, after the draining scene, A1 and A2 stopped talking to each other.

‘The only way to make a scene realistic is to do it the way you know it would really happen.’ —James Dean

Consequences of pride
Alluring Celebrity (AC) has allegedly been heard accusing Pretty Newbie (PN) of pulling the rug from under her feet for a commercial deal. AC’s contract with a company was ending, but The Management (TM) was thinking of renewing her endorsement.

CONSEQUENCES OF PRIDE copy 1344x1250 - FASHION PULIS: Scripted scene turned real

During the proposal meeting, AC was briefed with the concept and she was told that she would be appearing with another Female Model (FM). Their exposure would be the same, as their roles were similar. AC said she did not like that idea, as she believes her achievements far outweigh FM’s recognitions. Further, AC insisted to have longer exposure, as she has done solo endorsements.

AC proceeded to talk with her adviser, who said TM should not lower the status of AC. The adviser did not agree with the idea of TM, as such move might lead to lowering the market value of AC. TM, meanwhile, promised to think about the inputs of AC and her team.

Days passed and AC never heard from TM. What she did not know then was that TM held deliberations and the result was to drop her from the project, as she was becoming difficult to deal with. By coincidence, PN was available and TM took the chance to offer her the project with FM. PN said she has no problem with the concept. Shooting began and a few days later, the project was aired.

When AC saw the said project, she allegedly told her friends that PN stole something meant for her.

‘It’s great to see that celebrities can be just like us – that they too have their highs and lows, that they don’t always wake up looking their best, that they have bad habits and annoying traits.’ —Shirley Jones

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