The Department of Social Welfare and Development has prepared a list of all evacuation centers in Metro Manila where displaced individuals can seek temporary shelter from typhoon “Ulysses.”

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The DSWD-NCR Disaster Response Management Division has already prepared relief goods for these individuals. 

In a Facebook post, the department said it has already prepared 2,090 family food packs (FFPs), 147 hygiene kits, two dignity kits, two family tents, 917 family kits, 2,267 sleeping kits, 876 plastic mats, 260 malongs, and 7,214 mosquito nets.


There are seven evacuation centers in Manila, currently with 805 individuals or 208 families currently staying inside.

1. Building 3, Barangay 128

2. Building 18, Barangay 128

3. TCI, Barangay 128

4. Almario Elementary School, Barangay 20

5. Baseco Evacuation Center, Barangay 649

6. Barangay 105 Covered Court

7. Barangay 101 Covered Court


Eight evacuation centers have been set up in two different barangays. Seven were prepared in Barangay Pasong Tamo while one is in Barangay Apolonio Samson.

1. Marcel Covered Court, Barangay Pasong Tamo

2. Centre Ville Covered Court, Barangay Pasong Tamo

3. Pantranco Chapel, Barangay Pasong Tamo

4. Pingkian I Central Court, Barangay Pasong Tamo

5. Sarmiento Chapel, Barangay Pasong Tamo

6. Annex I Covered Court, Barangay Pasong Tamo

7. Annex 2 Covered Court, Barangay Pasong Tamo

8. Apolonio Samson Elementary School, Barangay Apolonio Samson


Evacuation centers are spread in 13 different barangays.

1. Sampalukan Elementary, Barangay 24

2. M.B. Asisto High School Main, Barangay 14

3. Bagong Silang Elementary School, Barangay 119

4. Llano Elementary School, Barangay 167

5. Cades, Barangay 178

6. Barangay 177 Evacuation Center

7. Barangay 178 Evacuation Center

8. Kalayaan Elementary School, Barangay 176

9. Barangay 164 Evacuation Center

10. Barangay 160 Evacuation Center

11. Glorietta Evacuation Center

12. Pangarap Central Elementary School, Barangay 182

13. MLQU Elementary School, Barangay 185


One of the hardest hit cities, Marikina has 27 evacuation centers in 16 barangays.

1. St. Mary Elementary School

2. Fortune High School

3. Malanday Elementary School

4. Kalumpang Elementary School

5. Marikina Elementary School

6. Leodegradio Elementary School

7. Parang Elementary School

8. Parang High School

9. SSS National High School

10. Concepcion Integrated School

11. Sto. Niño High School

12. H. Bautista Elementary School

13. Marikina Heights HD

14. San Roque Elementary School

15. Concepcion Elementary School

16. Tañong High School

17. Nangka Elementary School

18. Kap Moy Elementary School

19. SSS Vill Elementary School

20. Sto. Niño Elementary School

21. CIS Elementary School

22. Marikina Science HE

23. JDLP High School

24. Fortune Elementary School

25. Marikina High School

26. Barangka Elementary School

27. Sta. Elena High School


 There are 28 evacuation centers  in 27 barangays. So far, 79 individuals or 24 families have sought refuge in these places.

1. Eusebio Elementary School, Barangay Wawa

2. Taguig Science, Barangay Wawa

3. Central Bicutan Covered Court, Barangay Central Bicutan

4. EM’s Elementary School, Barangay Central Signal

5. Gat Andres Bonifacio, Barangay Fort Bonifacio

6. Diosdado Macapagal High School, Barangay Katuparan

7. Trade Center, Barangay Maharlika

8. Daanghari Elementary School, Barangay North Daanghari

9. Kapitan Eddie T. Reyes Integrated School, Barangay Pinagsama

10. Cardones Elementary School, Barangay South Signal

11. Bagong Tanyag Elementary School Main, Barangay Tanyag

12. Silangan Elementary School, Barangay Upper Bicutan

13. Tenement Elementary School, Barangay Western Bicutan

14. Bagong Tanyag Elementary School Annex A, Barangay South Daanghari

15. Bagong Tanyag Elementary School Annex B, Barangay South Daanghari

16. Day Care Center, Barangay South Daanghari

17. C.P. Sta. Teresa Elementary School, Barangay Bagumbayan

18. Taguig Integrated School, Barangay Bambang

19. Tipas Elementary School Annex, Barangay Calzada Tipas

20. Hagonoy Gym, Barangay Hagonoy

21. Katwiran Covered Court, Barangay Ibayo Tipas

22. McDo Bahay Bulilit, Barangay Ligid Tipas

23. RP. Cruz Elementary School, Barangay Lower Bicutan

24. Tipas Elementary School Annex, Barangay Palingon Tipas

25. Eusebio Elementary School, Barangay San Miguel

26. Taguig Integrated School, Barangay Sta. Ana & Tuktukan

27. Ususan Elementary School, Barangay Ususan

28. Cayetano Science High School, Barangay Ususan


Las Piñas only has one evacuation center, which currently houses 94 individuals or a total of 26 families.

1. Aldana Elementary School, Barangay Elias Aldana


Valenzuela City likewise has only one evacuation center with three individuals, or two families, currently seeking refuge.

1. Valenzuela National High School, Barangay Marulas


Pasay City has one evacuation center.

1. Barangay Doña Nena Evacuation Center


Three evacuation centers have been prepared in Muntinlupa City, which currently houses 110 individuals or 25 families.

1. Cupang Senior High School

2. Baywalk Covered Court

3. Alabang Elementary School


Twenty three individuals or six families have already trooped to the evacuation center in Navotas.

1. San Roque Elementary School, Barangay San Roque


In Parañaque City, 16 individuals which make up five families are now safe in this evacuation center.

1. Palanyag Gym, Barangay San Dionisio

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