“I’ll be honest it was a surprise.”

This is what Donny Pangilinan admitted concerning Kisses Delavin’s recent statement claiming that their onscreen partnership has “long been over.”

KISSES DELAVIN and Donny Pangilinan - Donny wishes ex loveteam partner Kisses ‘the best’

KISSES DELAVIN and Donny Pangilinan

In an Instagram story, the young actor issued his own version of the story seemingly in conflict with what she said.

“To my understanding, the partnership was still under review because of different expectations, with no final decision yet,” he wrote.

Still, Donny asked the public to respect Kisses statement. He also wished the young actress and her family the best.

“Let’s not fault find. Let’s all support each other at this time,” he said.

“DonKiss, we will be forever grateful for you all, love you guys…”


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