We’re three months into this worldwide pandemic and I, for one, am glad a sliver of light is beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel. After all our anxieties about how we’ll get out of this COVID-19 mess, we are beginning to sense there’s new normal ahead.

Sure, were still on general community quarantine, but I think we’ve learned to live with the situation. It all boils down to playing it safe and smart, and not to let our guards down. As a man I look up to said, “We have to learn to live with this virus.”

The recording industry has certainly adapted to the times. Having already shifted to “digital” years prior, the pandemic wasn’t as disruptive as it was to other trades and businesses.

No wonder despite the lockdown, hits are still being made, including the following:

‘Marikit’ by Juan Caoile feat. Kyleswish

The breakthrough act of the season is debuting rap artist Juan Caoile. The rapper and his single “Marikit” is viral song-of-the-moment. A bouncy rap number, “Marikit” is written by Caoile and his collaborator-singer Kylewish, also featured on the track.

Caoile originally intended the song for his girlfriend but the track resonated with other ladies, especially those who use TikTok. To date, the song has had 240 million plays on that app alone, followed by Spotify. There’s a dance challenge too that’s hard to miss online.

‘Lifetime’ by Ben&Ben

Ben&Ben is shaping up to be the band to beat in 2020. An applauded album (“Limasawa Street”) and a steady stream of singles are giving the Guico brothers, and the crew that make up their band, consistently high profile.

ben ben official band photo - Disruption-free hits


Of course, it all comes down to songs where Ben & Ben is concerned. Their just-released single “Lifetime” puts the B&B sound that they’ve nearly perfected in full display. That mix of high end pop and neo folk sound that frame the Guico’s articulate lyrics—just wow.

‘Kahit Anong Mangyari’ by Marione x Janine Tenoso

Songwriters Marione Aunor’s and Janine Tenoso’s “Kahit Anong Mangyari” is an evocative piece of pop that is equal parts neo folk and indie pop. It’s also the first kick-ass mid-tempo OPM tune I can consider as acoustic-rock I’ve not heard in a long while.

Marione x Janine Tenoso Kahit Anong Mangyari official single art 1 - Disruption-free hits

Marione and Janine Tenoso

The track reminds me of the delicateness of a Civil Wars song mixed with the melancholy and vibe of an Iron & Wine tune. Tasty acoustic guitar work abound (check out the intro) and, of course, love the writing and the ladies’ tender, dulcet tones.




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