Ai Ai delas Alas, Kisses Delavin, McCoy de Leon, Kelvin Miranda and Angel Guardian were but some of the cast members that attended the premiere of Regal Entertainment Inc’s “D’Ninangs” still in theatres.

D NINANG - ‘D’ Ninang’ stars attend premiere

Cast of ‘D’ Ninang’

In the movie, Ninang (played by Ai Ai) is like the female version of Robinhood. She takes under her wings pickpockets (Angel, Kiray Celis) but still guided by her unconventional way of living. Ninang’s life makes a twist when she finds her long-lost daughter Mikhai (Kisses), who decides to live with her. However, Mikhai is unaware of her mom’s illegal business. The irony of it is that her daughter wants to pursue a career to punish crooks.

Also in the cast are Joey Marquez, Kiray Celis, McCoy de Leon, and Lou Veloso. “D’Ninang” is directed by GB Sampedro.

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