Korean actor Kang Ji-hwan was taken into custody after a court issued a warrant against him for allegedly raping and sexually molesting two female staffers.

The Suwon District Court issued a warrant of arrest on July 12 based on the concern that the 42-year-old actor could destroy evidence.

Last July 9, the actor was detained by police after being accused of raping and sexually molesting two employees of a subcontracting company at his home in Gwangju, South Korea. Kang Ji-hwan and the two women went to his house to drink on July 9 after attending a dinner with employees of his agency and subcontractors.

1KangJiHwan - Court issues arrest warrant against Korean actor Kang Ji-hwan

Kang Ji-hwan wearing a costume for the drama ‘Joseon Survival’ (Instagram/Huayi Brothers)

The two female staffers slept in a different room. One of the victims said when she woke up, she saw the actor trying to rape her colleague and screamed.

She also sent a text message to a friend saying that they had a drink at his house and that they were trapped. The friend alerted the police, which dispatched a team to go to the actor’s house.

Kang Ji-hwan told the police he couldn’t remember what happened.

“I can remember that I had a drink with them, but I have no memory afterwards. I woke up to find myself in the same room where they were sleeping,” he said, according to Yonhap News.

His agency, Huayi Brothers Entertainment, said, “We take full responsibility for not thoroughly managing our actors and for the seriousness of the incident.”

Because of the incident, Kang Ji-hwan has stepped down from his starring role in the drama “Joseon Survival,” which is currently airing on TV.

In 2014, Kang Ji-hwan’s visit to the Philippines was marred when photos of him and a Filipina made headlines.

The actor went to Cebu in July 2014 for a magazine photoshoot. A Filipina posted photos of her beside a sleeping Kang Ji-hwan on Facebook with the caption “together sleep with Korean actor Mr. Ji Hwan Kang.”

After it became a scandal, the woman apologized, saying she’s “very sorry only edited pictures hope you can forgive me because his my idol sorry again.”

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