After doing “Hamilton” in the West End production, Filipina-British singer is back on stage as part of “The Prince Of Egypt.”

On a video uploaded by London Theatre District, Christine and the other cast were presented to the public.

It also showed her giving a rendition of the popular theme song “When You Believe,” originally recorded for the “Prince Of Egypt” movie by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

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“There can be miracles when you believe!” 1f3b6 - Christine Allado wows with ‘When You Believe’ version❤️ I am in awe of this wonderful new journey ahead and feel privileged to be able to play the fiery, spirited, bewitching character that is Tzipporah in the @princeofegyptuk 1f64f - Christine Allado wows with ‘When You Believe’ version1f3fc - Christine Allado wows with ‘When You Believe’ version

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Christine will play the “fiery, spirited, and bewitching” Tzipporah in the musical.

“Prince Of Egypt” retells the biblical story of Moses, who grows from a baby set adrift on the Nile by his mother Yocheved, to an Egyptian prince, and finally into the savior of the Hebrews under the oppression of his brother, Ramses.

Others in the cast are Luke Brady (Moses), Liam Tamne (Ramses), and Alexia Khadime (Miriam).

“Prince Of Egypt” will run at West End’s Dominion Theatre from Feb. 5 to Sept. 12 next year.

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