Several Kapuso actors hope to help jobless Filipinos by going into business.

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Dingdong Dantes will launch the delivery app Ding Dong PH.

He said so during the “Fireside” live chat organized by the law firm Gorriceta Africa Caution & Saavedra.

The idea started when the home-based flower business of his wife, Marian Rivera, encountered a hitch during delivery.

“Meron siyang isang kleyenteng pagdedeliberan ng isang bulaklak pero pagdating du’n nagkamali ng pinto at nasira pa,” he remembered.

The actor said they got new flowers and he delivered it himself.

“So du’n nagsimula ‘yung idea at lumawak na lang siya,” he related. “In the past weeks, after talking with friends who share the same vision and passion, an idea was developed, hence the birth of Doorbell Technologies.”

He said the pandemic has become a “game-changer” for him and his family.

“As many people know, this also became an equalizer, it leveled the playing field. Pero it has crushed and damaged some industries; it paved the way for some to flourish.

“So kung gagawa ako ng isang bagay, gusto ko klaro ang kaniyang social impact… ‘Yung inspiration also behind this is the fact that I have several workmates who lost their jobs in the entertainment industry,” he added. “To reveal one part of that old ecosystem. ‘Yung riders na gagamitin natin, ‘yung nawalan ng trabaho dito sa industriya namin.”

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Derrick Monasterio launched his haircut home service business to help displaced barbers.

He shared the mission-vision of his “Quaran-clean PH” on Instagram.

“Hey everyone, I know we are now under GCQ but the reality is our covid cases keep rising through the days. We can’t wait to go back to our normal lives but a little bit more patience will get us a long way!” he started.

He went on to say nothing compares to being safe indoors, that’s why he wants to do his part. It is also his way of helping highly skilled barbers from top salons in the country that are now unemployed because of the pandemic.

“We guarantee you that our staff has undergone meticulous tests to ensure the safety of our clients,” he noted. “We also did our best to keep prices relatively close to normal salons/barbershops. I hope we can be of service soon! Pls follow @quarancleanph for more info and for advance bookings.”

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Juancho Trivino is holding online training classes to help unemployed fitness coaches.

In fact, as seen on his YouTube channel, he already did two “Fitness Friday” where he collaborated with actors Anjo Damiles and Kristoffer Martin.

“DISCLAIMER: I am not a Certified Personal Trainer, before working out we were assessed and advised by a Professional from @jtgfitph Coach Joben Gualvez, and the workout was also given by him. Before training please do consult an expert to avoid injuries!,” he wrote on the description box of his vlog.

Joben is part of Fit Crew PH, which is a group of coaches who are doing real-time online coaching.

Juancho’s wife, Joyce Pring, talked about the business a few days ago.

“If you’re like me and have a love for the outdoors, I’m guessing it’s also been a struggle for you to stay fit and keep a healthy lifestyle trying to workout from home… My husband just launched a service that caters to people like you and me,” she announced.

“@fitcrew_ph has gathered top-notch certified personal trainers and they offer Zoom workouts with packages for 1-2 people and group workouts so you and your friends can work out together (can be your company, too!) from the comfort of your own homes – with live coaching,” she added. “Which means a CERTIFIED professional will plan your workout according to skill level and assessment; carefully watch and correct your form; give you tips on how to improve your fitness journey and nutrition.”

According to her, the first session is free.

“Also support my baby because this is his first official business and he’s really poured out his heart on this hehe.”

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