K-pop superstars BTS proved their mega status again when their first online paid concert drew a massive 750,000 fans from 107 countries and regions.

BTS’ “Bang Bang Con: The Live” online concert was held June 14 and streamed on the Kiswe platform, which offered six multi-view angles for fans to watch. Big Hit Entertainment and Kiswe signed an agreement a week before the concert for the live streaming of the event.

The number of fans who watched the concert peaked at 756,600 and tickets cost $26.09 for official fan club members and $35.10. Based on the $26.09 ticket alone, the BTS concert earned at least $19.74 million, or P993 million.

This is the highest number of viewers among online K-pop concerts that have been held so far this year, setting a new record for BTS. The total number of viewers is 15 times more than stadium performances which can accommodate 50,000 people.

It was a perfect gift by fans to BTS who celebrated their seventh anniversary since debuting on June 13, 2013.

During the 90-minute online concert, BTS performed 12 songs including “Dope,” “Black Swan,” “Jamais vu,” “Just One Day,” “Respect,” “Boy with Luv” and “Spring Day.” The stage design consisted of five rooms and two stages.

BTS2 HIRES - BTS’ ‘Bang Bang Con’ online concert sets new record with 750,000 viewers

BTS during the online concert (Twitter)

“I miss you guys so much, and I think that ARMY misses us so much too. I hope you guys will have a good time today,” said Jimin as he greeted the viewers, Osen reported, while Jungkook said, “It’s been a long time since we last met each other. We’ve prepared a lot of great things for ‘Bang Bang Con’ today, so please look forward to it.”

In the last part of the concert, J-Hope said, “It seems that it’s been too long since we last had makeup, our hair styled, mic, earphones and performed on stage like this. I miss the stage so much, I also miss ARMY as much as I miss the stage. I am very happy. I am happy to be able to perform, to sweat. I love you guys so much.”

Jimin said because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, “we can’t meet each other often. So I just want to ask ARMY how you’ve been doing. Actually, we have to experience a very hard time. Because the stage is always indispensable, this time is really tough. I hope we can overcome and see each other with a joyful face.”

“Actually I was really scared. I panicked at the thought, ‘Is this the kind of concert we have to do in the future?’ However, receiving the help and support of many people, we still have to bring joy and hope to you through something, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, we will try our best. It’s been a long time since I last got to perform so I’m delighted. I love you guys,” said RM.

Jungkook told fans, “I am waiting for the day to see you again. I will try to be able to gradually take a step forward. I’m extremely happy today. I love you all.”
“When the announcement regarding the concert was just given, I really wanted to have a real performance. We were also very tired and in hardship but because there was nothing else we could have done, we felt helpless. I have had many changes. I miss you guys so much. We must definitely meet again,” said Suga.

According to V, “I haven’t met ARMY for half a year. I felt so sorry and heartbroken. I thought ‘I want to perform’ and now I am lucky to be able to stand on stage through ‘Bang Bang Con.’ If ARMYs are happy, we will be happy, but if we have a wish, we want to feel ARMY’s voice, eyes, and enthusiasm. Hopefully, the situation will get better soon and we can carry out concerts.”

Jin revealed that “actually, my contract expired yesterday, but because I met a great company and members. I can continue staying with them for a long time. I’m touched so I wish I can hug all of you guys.”

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