Vlogger Bogart the Explorer, despite his frightening surfing accident months ago, is back riding a board again.

This time around though, he’s not riding the waves, but is actually on a skateboard (an electric-powered one), travelling on solid ground somewhere in the Caraga Region.

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(screen shot / Instagram / bogart_theexplorer)

In an Instagram post, Bogart, whose real name is Marco Ho, shared a video of himself riding an electronic skateboard on what seemed like an empty paved road.

“Oh yes. I’m going to surf again. I’m not going to quit. Not even a near fatal experience is going to stop me from going back surfing,” Ho said in his IG post May 29.

He also said that although it has been only three months since the horrific accident and mobility is still a problem for him (as he still can’t walk properly), the wide open road in his province enticed him to go for a ride on his skateboard. He said that the fresh air of the province was “good for the soul.”

The vlogger, who became popular on the internet for doing comedic skits with an on-point and thick Australian accent, said that the “carving motions” is good training for his leg muscles, stressing his intention to go back and catch more waves in the future. “You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” #


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