The identical twins from the fraternal triplet of Canadian pop/rock country band The Moffatts, Bob and Clint, shot the music video of their latest song in the Philippines.

Their “You Are My Sunshine” music video shows White Island in Camiguin, Philippines. The video is on their YouTube channel called “Music Travel Love.”

moffatts - Bob and Clint Moffatt shoot music video in Camiguin

Scene from ‘You Are My Sunshine’ music video

Bob also shared a short clip from the video on his Instagram account.

In the video, the brothers sing and play the guitar as they stand on a sandbar. From time to time, the camera pans across the island and shows its majestic beauty through drone shot. The sound of the waves crashing to shore is heard in the background.

Prior, the two have shot videos in Iles De La Madeleine in Quebec, Canada; at Abraham Lake in Canada; in Sedona, Arizona; at Lake Tahoe in the United States of America; and at The Kok River in Thailand.

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