Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco said the faithful should draw inspiration from Blessed Carlo Acutis, the Italian teen who was beatified by the Catholic Church, Saturday.

Ongtioco - Bishop wants faithful to draw inspiration from beatified Italian teen
Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco

The prelate expressed hope that the faithful will be inspired by Acutis who used his talents to glorify God when he was still alive.
“He used technology to evangelize. He did everything with passion. He created programs for computer to communicate the gospel. He used his talents to glorify God,” said Ongtioco in an interview Sunday.
“We can learn from his single mindedness. He knew that he was a child of God and so he did what was pleasing to the Lord like reaching out to the poor, the suffering and the underprivileged,” he added.
Acutis, a young computer programmer who died of leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15 was beatified on October 10, 2020, in Assisi in the Basilica of St. Francis.
It was August last year, when the Diocese of Cubao formally opened the Cause for the Beatification and Canonization of Filipino teen Darwin Ramos months after the Vatican declared him as “Servant of God,” the preliminary process for sainthood. 
Bishop Ongtioco said if Ramos is canonized as a saint, he will be one of the youngest Filipino to become a saint. 
Born on December 17, 1994, Ramos died in September 2012 at the age of 17. 
The Philippines currently has two saints namely Lorenzo Ruiz and Pedro Calungsod.
Calungsod was born on July 21, 1654, and died in April 1672 also at the age of 17.
Other steps towards sainthood, are declarations of Venerable, Blessed and canonization. 

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