Everyone may be entitled to his opinion but journalists still strive for objectivity when they are on the job.

So, despite the times when social media allows everyone to have a take on everything, news reporters/anchors CJ Torida, Joanne Ponsoy and Jasmin Gabriel-Galban of GMA Regional TV’s “Balitang Amianan” are careful in delivering the news.

“Of course, we’re human beings. Sometimes we can’t help but be emotionally attached to the issues. Like for example, once I reported a story about a rape victim. As a woman, as a mother, I sympathize with the victim but because I’m a journalist, I can’t fully expressed that emotion on TV because we have to be professional,” Jasmin said.

BALITANG AMIANAN - ‘Balitang Amianan’ delivers unbiased news in relaxed setting

‘Balitang Amianan’ is anchored by seasoned TV journalist CJ Torida (center) and award-winning local news correspondents Joanne Ponsoy and Jasmin Gabriel-Galban

CJ added: “Credibility and transparency are a must for us. Once you stepped inside the news studio, all of your biases should be left behind. ‘Balitang Amianan’ has been on air for more than a decade now… kami ay patas. Just what like our tagline says, ‘Sandigan ng katotohanan. Serbisyong totoo lamang.’”

“Balitang Amianan” is a top-rating Dagupan-based program that features comprehensive and in-depth delivery of news and information in North Central Luzon. The news program goes through meticulous process every day in that aside from being anchors, CJ, Joanne and Jasmin multi-task as senior desk editors and correspondents too.

“We study everything. Before going on air, we discuss the news and plan how we can deliver the story better. We also edit our lines to be more comfortable in delivering it. The good thing about us is, we are also in the field so we know the information first hand. We can deliver it sans the script,” Joanne said.

Last Aug. 5, “Balitang Amianan” unveiled new look and levelled-up content. The new set boasts of a more relaxed set-up not usually seen on typical newscasts—with the anchors seated on couches and not behind desks.

In effect, the studio becomes an extension of viewers’ living room, further connecting the news anchors and the viewers.

“As technology develops and with more people getting their information online, our regional news teams are challenged to be more efficient and creative in producing stories. But this only fuels us to be always on our toes and to not be complacent with what we have already achieved,” said GMA Regional TV Vice President and Head Oliver Amoroso in his speech.

Despite the more relaxed setup, the content is “mas pinatindi, mas pinalakas, mas pinalawak, mas pinaganda sa ngalan ng serbisyong totoo,” Jasmin said.

GMA Regional TV also marked another milestone in broadcast history as it made its local newscasts available to more viewers nationwide last July 27 through “GMA Regional TV Weekend News” which now airs on GMA News TV every Saturday at 5 p.m.

With all of their efforts, “Balitang Amianan” has been a consistent top-rating show.

“The high ratings performance and accolades we continue to receive are just small additions to what we have accomplished throughout the years—for ‘Balitang Amianan’ to emerge as a force to reckon with in North Central Luzon in terms of news and information,” Oliver said.

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