Arjo Atayde feels there is no need to talk further about his rumored romance with Maine Mendoza at this point.

arjo - Arjo Atayde clams up on Maine Mendoza, rumored Ria-JM romance


At the recent thanksgiving party tendered by the Atayde family for the entertainment media, the actor refused to answer queries about the Kapuso star.

“It’s thanksgiving of the family and it has nothing to do with personal stuff. I just want to enjoy talking to the press. It’s out of topic. I’m always…Anyways, no comment,” the star of iWant’s “Bagman” said when asked about the Dubsmash Queen.

Arjo admitted he had always felt “trapped” whenever queries about Maine are thrown at. He actually feels helpless when the topic is brought up in interviews.

“If I throw a presscon, then it is for work, not a personal thing. It is just that during presscons… I can’t do anything. I am always trapped. But here, the point is we’re here for the thanksgiving.”

Untitled 13 - Arjo Atayde clams up on Maine Mendoza, rumored Ria-JM romance

The actor did not even comment on reports that Maine’s name is supposedly on top of the list of actresses wished by fans to play Darna after Liza Soberano backed out.

“No comment when it comes to Maine,” he said.

His face lit up when asked on JM de Guzman, his close friend.

“JM was my classmate on ‘Ang TV 2.’ I have so much respect for the guy. We have not worked together but we talked recently and we’re actually thinking of working together in a film.”

But when questions gravitated towards JM’s rumored romance with Arjo’s sister Ria, Arjo, again, had got mouth zipped.

“No comment.”

Defending Jessy
Of late, Jessy Mendiola had become human dartboard of sorts because the movie she and Arjo starred in, “Stranded,” supposedly bombed at the box-office.

Some blamed Jessy but Arjo was quick to come to her defense.

“I fell in love with the script. Jessy is a friend. I don’t care about people’s grudges. She’s done nothing wrong to me so I don’t want to stop working with people who are my friends. It’s just work, it’s just a role. If you watch the movie you’d know why I accepted the movie. It is because of the script,” Arjo said.

Is he willing to work with Jessy again?

“Yeah, of course. Even if some people put negativity to it, it’s still my choice at the end of the day. And if they think she fits the role, what right do I have to say to producers not to get her? I am not a producer, I am an actor. I can’t choose. I just say yes to the producer. I just say yes to the script. I don’t even know who I’m gonna work with,” he said.

No, he’s not affected by netizens bashing their movie.

“If that’s their opinion then so be it. If I give my best I am happy. I am happy with the turnout of our movie, I think that’s what matters. As to negativity, I think I’ll mind my acting, and not of my co-star.”

Arjo reacted to someone’s observation that in so short a time he has already reached stardom.

“I don’t see it that way. It’s not in my line of thinking. When it comes to work, when I come home, I leave behind all things showbiz . At the end of the day, it’s just a job for me. I don’t see myself as being up there already. I’m just doing my job.”

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