By Rizal Obanil

“Bakit nag-doctor ka pa, e artista ka na? (You’re already an actress why did you still pursue becoming a doctor?)”
This is the question people often ask Angeli Gonzales, the teen star of comedy series “Luv U” who pursued medical school despite already being a full-fledged actress.

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To this she would candidly reply: “Bakit mahirap din naman mag-artista a? (Why? Isn’t being an actress also hard?)”
Her Facebook post of her graduation pics from De La Salle Medical Health and Sciences Institute in Cavite has already earned more than 100,000 likes and more than 20,000 shares as of this posting.

She wrote in her post that if anyone was deserving of the credit for her educational achievement, it would be her parents.

“Sila talaga ang dapat hangaan because of how they handled everything and how they raised me.(They’re the ones who deserve the admiration…),”Gonzales explained in her post.

Because of med school, Gonzales was only limited to working mostly on weekends when she didn’t have classes. As such, she credits everyone she worked with for being very understanding regarding her dreams outside of showbiz.

There were also times when she would miss the call time since she was only free during evenings.

She said that she was fortunate enough that her family didn’t depend on her income as an actress.

The young star also thanked her colleagues saying, “Kung swerte lang din naman, swerte din ako sa mga nakatrabaho ko sa ABS-CBN. From MTB, Home Along da Riles, MMK, Wansapanataym to LuvU and Got to Believe, the cast and the production of every show I worked with understood that I had dreams outside of showbiz at lahat talaga sila inintindi kapag kailangan late calltime ko kasi may pasok ako or kapag kailangan early pack-up ako kasi may exams ako the next day.”

(I was really fortunate for having co-workers like the ones I had at ABS-CBN. From MTB, Home Along da Riles, MMK, Wansapanataym to LuvU and Got to believe….everyone was very understanding if it was necessary for me to have a late calltime because I had classes or the shoot had to pack-up early because I had exams the next day.)

Near the end of her post, Gonzales pondered why she wanted to become a doctor in the first place. Her answer to this introspective question probably echoed the feelings of other doctors, who may not have a glamorous background like her.

“Kaya ako nag-doctor para sa mga pasyente ko. I wanted to become a doctor for my future patients. And I consider myself lucky because I am able to pursue a dream that may be key for other people to be able to pursue their own (I decided to become a doctor for my patients),” she said.

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