It was on Independence Day a few years ago when Aiko Melendez officially ended her marriage with Jomari Yllana.

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The 44-year-old actress recalled on Facebook the day she became single again.

“Exactly today alala ko unang tinawagan ko bukod sa pamilya ko nung nakuha ko sulat from QC si mader Ogie Diaz sinabi ko sa kanya mader independent na ako sa independence day,” she started. “Sabi nya gaga anong independent. Sabi ko single na ako! Annuled na po ako! Sabay kami nag iyakan sa telepono!”

Aiko said she had mixed emotions then.

“I was happy that I was vindicated and I am finally free from all the heartaches, all the hardships. But I still would want to thank him despite all those, after 21 years kasi he gave me a wonderful son which I named after, Daddy Andy who I miss so much,” she related. “He was so nice to me. And I must say I was his favorite.”

“Thank you! Sa 21 years na malaya ako. Kahit sa 21 years na un di tayo nag uusap Jose salamat kasi di mapapantayan ng ano mang sustento ang regalo na di mo man nabigay lagi ke Andre. Na bibihira ako bigyan ng sakit ng ulo. Napaka buti ng anak ko. No tantamount of money can compare to that. So thank you,” she added, seemingly directing the message to her former husband. “And thank you also. You made me soar high after that annulment! Happy Independence Day to all.”

Aiko and Jomari married in 2000 but separated after about a year. Their marriage was annulled in 2004.

Two years later, Aiko tied the knot anew with model Martin Jickain, with whom she has a daughter named Marthena. But they also parted ways and their marriage was annulled in 2010.

Aiko is currently in a relationship with Subic Vice-Governor Jay Khonghun.

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