Far from her image as Comedy Queen, Ai Ai delas Alas couldn’t hold back tears in announcing her resignation as the manager of popular hip hop group Ex Battalion.

It was March last year when she decided to manage the group on the heels of their collaboration song “Walang Pinipili.”

Unfortunately, Ai Ai could no longer be involved in Ex Battalion’s lives, alleging “unprofessionalism” as her reason.

She claimed that some members of the group show improper attitude towards work. For one, the premiere night of their movie “Sons Of Nanay Sabel” was delayed because they were late.

There were instances that they supposedly didn’t show up to their gigs and commitments. Some left the group without notice. Some got involved in fights and bar altercations.

“Sometimes, they don’t respect me. They don’t follow me,” Ai Ai said in Filipino, based on the videos uploaded online. “I don’t care about their private lives. What matters to me is their professionalism, and how they treat people, how they treat me.”

Ai Ai admitted her resignation is overdue. She revealed that her husband, Gerald Sibayan, had asked her to quit her post several times before.

exb aiu ai 1400x933 - Ai Ai no longer manager of Ex Battalion

AI AI DELAS ALAS with Ex Battalion

“I got shy with Viva because we have a film to release. Since it’s done, I told myself it’s time to quit. I can’t take the stress anymore,” she said.

If anything, Ai Ai is happy she was able to help them with their career.

“I always tell them, ‘Everything I do is for you, I don’t do anything for myself,’” she said.

Ai Ai actually regrets accepting the post for Ex Battalion.

“I helped them but they never appreciated it. They don’t respect and trust me,” she said. “I am traumatized because of the stress. Hindi mababayaran ‘yun.”

Composed of Skusta Clee, Flow-G, Brando, Emcee Rhenn, King Badger and Bosx1ne, Ex Battalion rose to fame with their hit “Hayaan Mo Sila,” with music video racking up 60 million views on YouTube.

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