The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said more than 1 million jobseekers were hired this year through the local Public Employment Service Office (PESO) amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Labor Assistant Secretary Dominique Tutay said based on PESO data, 1,005,984 jobseekers have been hired from January to September.

Although 1 million is already a good number, Tutay said the number is lower compared to previous years.

“That 1 million is smaller compared to previous years where the batting average is 2 million each year being provided assistance through PESOs…but 1 million is a good number,” Tutay said in an online forum Monday.

With the easing of community quarantines, she said, they noticed that the number is already starting to pick up.

“It was down April, May, June but it is now starting to pick up,” said Tutay.

Based from DoLE data, the number of qualified workers placed in 2018 was 2,099,613 and 2,151,034 in 2019.

From April to June 2020 the total number of jobseekers that have been placed by PESOs was at 220,009 and 410,621 from July to September. 

A community-based, multi-employment service facility established in accordance with Republic Act No. 8759, PESO aims to provide a venue, where people could explore employment options, while serving as referral and information center for the services and programs of DOLE.

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