Stress Eating

By CHESHIRE QUE, RND, RN, RD Emotional or stress eating can lead to various health implications. While stress cannot be totally avoided, learning and developing coping skills can help prevent you from turning to food for comfort. Living a fast-paced lifestyle contributes to stress eating. Being mindful about the way you eat will surely keep the unwanted pounds away even in the most stressful times of your life. […]

SweetEscape raises US$6Million Series A to transform the multi-billion dollar photography industry

SweetEscape, the AI-driven photography platform, announced today that it raised US$6 million in Series A round funding, co-led by Openspace Ventures and Jungle Ventures with participation from Burda Principal Investments and existing investors. The fresh round of financing will be used to develop its AI technology and to strengthen their presence across Asia. Headquartered in […]


By JULES VIVAS Images by MANNY LLANES  What attracts us to a sports car? Is it the sight of light bending around its contours? The feeling one gets from steering into a sharp turn? The distinctive scent of burnt rubber? Or the adrenaline rush from a high-performance drive? For most people, it’s all of these. […]

A legend Returns

It was the worst-kept secret in the automotive industry: Japanese automaker Toyota was developing a new car, and that new car is the Supra. It was not exactly a new car. Four decades ago, Toyota introduced the Supra as an offshoot of the Celica. It was spun off because it was beginning to have its […]

Map your way to healing with Almario’s new gene-based program

Physical therapy clinic Almario Physio Team (APT) is paving the way for an error-free method of recurring pain treatment with its new program that tailor fits every patient’s need. Prueba, a treatment program that uses innovative diagnostics technology from Unites States, is an all encompassing genetic profiling to optimize one’s health and well-being. This program […]

Princess—Angel, Fairy, Guide, Scholar

By JULLIE Y. DAZA When Princess Lim Fernandez and her mother moved their little consultation office from the now-gone Mandarin Oriental to the New World hotel in Makati, I immediately fell under the spell of the new place. Seemingly designed just for Princess, it was the perfectly whimsical spot for an office cum shop of charms. Set […]

Top Bikes

Compiled by JOHN LEGASPI There is certainly an unspoken love affair between cycling and the Filipinos with nostalgia running on two wheels. Long before social media, bikes were the trusted mode of transportation for karteros, delivering letters and mail to far flung places. In the 2000 movie Lagarista, we saw Piolo Pascual portray the role of a lagarista (film reel courier), […]

Wear Your Pride

By John Legaspi Love in all its forms wins every June for the Philippines as we celebrate not only the country’s freedom, but also our diversity, recognizing our brothers and sisters in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer or Questioning, Intersexual, and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) community through the Pride March. In solidarity with their allies among […]

The Battle Between Indie and Mainstream

By CHRISHEIL ACAL Since the introduction of film to Filipinos in 1897 and the production of the first Filipino movie in 1919, moving pictures have become part and a reflection of Philippine culture, society, and tradition. Although there was—and still is—competition coming from Hollywood, Philippine cinema thrived and flourished. During the pre-war and World War 2 […]

Princess Modern

By John Legaspi I n the animated movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, we saw the dynamic duo of Ralph and Vanellope navigate the World Wide Web. It was a fun-filled adventure on which they tried to figure out their aspirations and let go of bankrupt notions as they journeyed from killer video games and social media […]

New Gastronomic Oasis

By Sol Vanzi One Bonifacio High Street (One BHS)is the in place for food lovers who enjoy the convenience of a wide and exciting selection of dining outlets serving an eclectic mix of dishes from many continents all under one roof. We discovered this recently during an exclusive food tour with select members of the […]

Over 30 Retailers rally with HUAWEI, offers Special Warranty Program to confirm use of Google Apps

  Special Warranty Program ensures continued use of Google apps on Huawei devices   To assure consumers, partner retailers and dealers will offer a “Special Warranty Program” for upcoming purchases of any current Huawei phone. All devices covered by this special warranty will have no issue concerning usage of Google apps and services such as […]


Whether it is technology or fashion, millennials are always at the center of things. They know what’s hot and what’s not. Thanks to technology, the youth is always updated on style, trends, current events and anything viral. Technology is like a revolving door in that it changes so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. […]