What’s next for education?

The education landscape will change in the next 12 to 18 months — while we wait for the COVID-19 vaccine. In-classroom instruction will not be possible with physical distancing being practiced. Testing will also be challenged — I can’t imagine how the University of the Philippines will conduct its annual UPCAT exams nationwide with more than 100,000 applicants every […]

Pru Life UK launches free COVID-19 protection for Filipinos through health app, Pulse

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK is offering free COVID-19 protection and Personal Accident (PA) coverage to safeguard Filipinos amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Under the program, Pru Life UK will offer free accident and death benefit to 500,000 Filipinos, in the unfortunate event that the individual passes away, including as a result […]

Movies to stream during the quarantine

The quarantine persists. Some people out there are looking for some entertainment to kill the boredom. You can Marie Kondo things inside the house and assess important matters while quarantine and staying off the grid. The COVID-19 pandemic puts a toll and continues to rise despite the many efforts of the government and healthworkers to contain […]

Globe turns over 1,000 preloaded mobile phones to the country’s frontliners

Globe continues to support the connectivity needs of those at the forefront of the country’s COVID-19 response efforts by turning over 1,000 mobile phones to police, military, and naval forces and select hospitals nationwide. The mobile phones are preloaded with 30-day unlimited AllNet Call & Text to all networks to enable the frontliners to attend […]

vivo donates surgical masks, letters of appreciation to hospitals, frontliners

In an effort to boost the morale of frontliners and further ensure their protection, vivo Philippines has given out appreciation letters and thousands of surgical masks to select hospitals through the Office of the Vice President (OVP) and other local government offices. The handwritten letters of gratitude and encouragement, and masks were turned over to […]

Tech Round Up: Time Marches On

The month of March was pretty jarring and difficult for everyone.  Still, we should remain hopeful.  Things will get better soon.  For the meantime, let’s look at the technologies that came out in the last days of March and look forward into actually wrapping our hands around them when this is all over. Huawei P40 […]

Upcycling, donations sustain fashion industry facemask donation efforts

Fashion designers recently rallied and volunteered to fabricate personal protective equipment (PPE), and donate these to frontliners in the fight against COVID-19. Recently, social media has been abuzz with tutorials, calls for fabric donations, and requests for logistical assistance to get the PPEs to their intended recipients. To address limited materials and manpower, fashion volunteers […]

Catholic Apps for the Lenten Season

The Lenten Season is probably the most important season in the Catholic faith. While Christmas may be the most celebrated, Lent is the more solemnly observed as it leads up to the most significant holy day for Christians, Easter — the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. This 40-day observance starts with Ash Wednesday, or […]

The future of workplace

The workplace, as we have known it, is changing into a non-physical environment. Gone are the days when employees go to the office every day to work in front of a desk and a computer loaded up with various technologies, selected and managed by Information technology (IT) departments. Nowadays, offices are becoming more diverse and […]

Is Zoom doomed?

Over the weekend, I have received an email with an attachment containing an internal communications from one of the major telecommunications companies in the country that announced the labelling of Zoom as malware and blacklisting it from their internal network. This definitely caused panic! Why would they do this? Is Zoom really that bad? I […]

Pru Life UK’s AI-powered Pulse

Changes in societal behavior and the rapidly aging population contribute to the increase in chronic diseases in Asia in the next ten years, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN).  WHO projects the prevalence of diabetes due to diet to more than double in the ASEAN region, while the UN […]