The Fun Won’t Last Unless We Help Out

By MONICA ARANETA TIOSEJO Sustainability begins with community. This was the theme at the co-launch of the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) “Save Our  Spots” campaign and BBC Earth’s and El Nido Resorts’ (ENR) “From Hook to Books.” “From Hooks to Books” started off as ENR’s community project with the fishing village Sitio Kiminawit. In 2018, it won […]

Nothing Short of Faaabvlous

By Tina Hidalgo-Jacinto Euphoric Rupert Jacinto, internationally acclaimed and gifted portrait photographer, beamed happily as the Faaabvlous (FAB) gala opened with exclamatory hype, where Faaabvlous A-listers made a Hollywood–like entrance at his “Faaabvlous 10” exhibit and FAB gala. Everyone was in high spirits. Totally creative and always looking forward, Jacinto’s gala has reached its 10th […]

Starry, Starry Knight

By DOM GALEON Images by NOEL PABALATE Video by AA PATAWARAN and ROC VERDERA His friends all wondered: How do we call you now? Do we call you Signor, like how the English call their knights “Sir”? Do we call you “Cav,” shortcut for cavaliere, the Italian word for knight? Although these were all said half jokingly, […]

Barong Every Day

Compiled by JOHN LEGASPI During his term, former President Ramon Magsaysay was known for his humility and compassion for the poor. Apart from his good deeds and leadership, Magsaysay was also known for wearing the Filipino national attire for men—the barong. Barong, a Tagalog term meaning “clothing,” is the choice of wear for many Filipino […]

Sorsogon On The Rise

Images by JULES VIVAS I’m from Bicol or at least my mother was. She was born in Legazpi, Albay. Although my mom left Bicol after high school to go to college at the University of Santo Tomas, she lived the rest of her life in Manila, where she married and raised her family. She remained […]

The Groom’s Look

By Sol Vanzi We had been living together in Hong Kong for nearly a year when Vic asked me to marry him. A devout Italian-American Catholic, he wanted a church wedding, in the church I frequented while growing up. It meant the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy: me dressed in white walking down the aisle […]

The Nation’s Barong

Interview by JOHN LEGASPI For more than three decades, designer Philip Rodriguez has crafted numerous ternos, Filipinanas, and balintawaks, even reimagining them in haute couture. The Cebuano fashion designer is so proud of the country’s rich heritage and culture that, for him, are mirrored best through what we were. “The thing about traditional wear is […]


It is said that we are currently living in the golden age of geeks and the once niche interests and hobbies are now mainstream. The Manila Pop Culture Convention, or ManiPopCon, will host different “geekdoms” under one convention. Producers Marco Aventajado and Freddie Tan are hoping that conventioneers can geek out for two days in […]

Raising Leaders

By Denice Sy Munez John Gokongwei Jr. is known to many as Mr. John or Big John. He was also one of the biggest inspirations of my dad Dioceldo Sy. Gokongwei led by example myriad principles that Dad applied in his own life: From dreaming boldly, to working for it, to living frugally, to giving […]

Safe and Sound (Asleep)

By Dr. Celeste Gomez | Illustrations by Roc Verdera Dear Doc Celeste, I have a three-month-old baby whom I have been breastfeeding and sleeping with in the same bed. Sometimes, we both fall asleep on the sofa, with my baby on the armchair. I heard about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which got me thinking […]