By  VIANCA GAMBOA Images by NOEL PABALATE Video by MC JEROME BALUYOT and ALVIN VERI   Paloma Urquijo Zobel is the little island girl. Enamored of the Philippines’ riveting traditional culture and inabel prints, she declared in her formative years during business school in New York that textiles and the people behind them are the very things […]


By   JANE KINGSU- CHENG Photos by NOEL PABALATE Video by ROC VERDERA       Any little girl remembers those Saturday afternoons with her mother, getting dressed for no special occasion, heading out for afternoon tea, talking nonstop, shopping. Jewelry designer Kristine Dee is no exception. Growing up, she remembers those days she would accompany her […]


Text and images by CEDIE SALIDO    For the longest time, Mindanao has only seemed to serve as fodder for unpleasant news, about ongoing war and chaos revolving around religion, beliefs, and politics. All these left a bad impression on Mindanao. The effect manifested in different areas of Mindanao’s economy, especially in the area of […]


By DOM GALEON Images by NOEL PABALATE Video by ROC VERDERA  Eres loco, his family told him when he announced his plans to leave his largely successful business and go to culinary school. But that has been the story of Chele Gonzalez, who seems to be more Filipino than some Filipinos I know. Born Jose […]

Math Wiz Kid

By Cedie Salido Mathematics is the science that deals with logic and shape. It’s a subject that involves numbers, problem solving, and strategic formulations. Oftentimes, people find it hard to appreciate math as it is. But not for 14-year-old Mico Xander Dela Cruz Rubico, a math wizard from Laguna. Mico has earned recognition here and […]

Budding Ballerina

By Paola Navarette | Image courtesty of Chris Dowd Maxine Ilagan’s parents knew she was meant to steal the spotlight. A true prodigy, she started dancing classical ballet at the age of three. She has since been performing professionally in over six years, a feat unheard of for any ballet dancer. “I used to dance […]

Girl Speed Racer

By Angela Casco What were you doing when you were 14 years old? While others were occupied with school or attempting to get out of it, Tara Laconico was focused on being a racing prodigy. Her interest in the sport started one summer while playing soccer. “Coincidentally, there was a small kart race track beside […]

Young Scientist

By Kristelle Bechayda It’s amazing how a simple inquiry can lead to groundbreaking discoveries. Sixteen-year-old Maria Isabel “ZsaZsa” Layson had no inkling of the opportunities that lay in wait for her when she looked into the anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties of the aratiles plant for her thesis requirement. A few months ago, ZsaZsa made headlines […]

Red is for Love

By JULLIE Y. DAZA “This is straight from the heart.” Red lights, red candles and tapers, red roses, tulips, carnations, cock’s-comb, gerbera. Red hearts masquerading as keychains, shimmering in ruby beads for each of 30 guests in formal wear. Menu cards printed in red with a Christmas “parol” (lantern) pattern. Chunks of rubies, each engraved […]

Soprano Sensation

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng They say that whatever an expectant mother absorbs, specifically emotions brought about by external factors, the baby inside the womb is bound to share the same feelings as well. Such is the case for Mai Kaufman and her firstborn Alexa Isobel Kaufman. “She was exposed to music even before she was born. […]

Rey Pimentel’s Exciting Hoya Crosses

If you are a Hoya lover, Reynold Pimentel’s new crosses will surely excite you no end. His initial crossing of Hoya cumingiana, an indigenous species originally collected from Mindoro, with Hoya archboldiana from Papua New Guinea and Australia, has generated more than a hundred plants that have produced flowers of various hues. The bad news […]

The Trailblazing Trails of Masungi

By VIANCA GAMBOA  Looks like we’ll be seeing more adventure and discovery trails at the Philippines’ award-winning, top conservation spot anytime soon! The United Nations Tourism World Organization Awards recognized Masungi Georeserve, Rizal as one of the top three privately led sustainable tourism projects among 200 global finalists at its recent awards ceremony held at […]

The Artistic Patriot

By Jessica Pag-iwayan Discovering one’s gift is different for every child and individual. Some might discover it late, but for geniuses, their gifts mostly appear at their early age. This is true for Promil Four’s newest Gifted Child, Worth Lodriga. Dubbed as the Philippines’ “Little Picasso,” Worth has bagged numerous prestigious awards in both the […]

Graphic Novelist

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng At first glance, Filipino-American Jan Alexander Quintos appears to be your regular six-year-old. Try searching for his name online and you’ll be in for a surprise. This boy already has two published books available for purchase from Amazon, Ebay, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart. It all started with his older sister Alexa, […]

Sari’s Legacy

By KIM REYES PALANCA I feel that I have truly done what I’m supposed to do, which is to make sure that Mega, my legacy, outlives me. And I think that’s the hallmark of a good founder. —Sari V. Yap My experience of Sari in the beginning was very limited but her words and values […]

Jet Ski Racer

By John Legaspi Every child dreams of flying, whether soaring on a cosmic expedition through an imaginary galaxy happening in the mind of Augie in R.J. Palacio’s novel Wonder, or flying through the skies of Neverland like the mischievous Peter Pan, or gliding by the clouds with their capes dancing in the wind like a […]

Fashion’s Eleven

By JULES VIVAS Images by NOEL PABALATE Fashion is many things. It’s a social signifier, a form of self-expression and empowerment. As famous fashion photographer Bill Cunningham puts it, an “armor” to survive the reality of life. French sociologist and philosopher Pierre Bourdieu described fashion as “the latest fashion, the latest difference” and, if that […]