Changing the Face of Beauty

By DR. KAYCEE REYES Beauty routines in the past might have involved creams, cleansers, masks, and serums. Nowadays, including the occasional non-surgical procedure in their beauty treatments is starting to become more common as well. In fact, around 23 million cosmetic procedures have been performed worldwide in 2017, and more than half of it are non-surgical procedures, at 12.6 million, […]

The State Of Being Barren

By EDUARDO GONZALES, MD Q: My sister has been married for two years now, but she does not have a baby yet despite the fact that she and her husband desperately want one. Is it time for them to consult a doctor? What type of doctor should they consult with? In an infertile couple, is it really the wife who often has a problem? […]

Stress Eating

By CHESHIRE QUE, RND, RN, RD Emotional or stress eating can lead to various health implications. While stress cannot be totally avoided, learning and developing coping skills can help prevent you from turning to food for comfort. Living a fast-paced lifestyle contributes to stress eating. Being mindful about the way you eat will surely keep the unwanted pounds away even in the most stressful times of your life. […]


Interview by Dom Galeon By now, Priah Ferguson is not a stranger to fans of Netflix’s ‘80s-themed hit series Stranger Things. If you have seen season 3, then you probably have the utmost respect for Priah’s character Erica, the younger sister to Caleb McLaughlin’s Lucas Sinclair. We chatted with Priah to know more about her […]

One with Nature and Culture

By Rica Arevalo Meeting television journalist Howie Severino in his home in Batangas was quite surreal. For a TV news anchor, there is no television, no air conditioners, and no plastics in this nature haven overlooking the Taal Lake. Called Kapusod, Howie, wife Ipat Luna, and son Alon manage this nature-inspired and nature-respectful setting. “I […]


After the rousing reception for Cecile Licad last year, the concert series at Nelly’s Garden in Iloilo City resumes on Aug 17 with the recital of the phenomenal 11-year old cello prodigy Damodar Das Castillo, first prize winner of the Young Artists International Music Competition in Estonia (Eastern Europe). He will be accompanied by pianist […]


By Terence Repelente  Page Design by Pinggot Zulueta Every day, at around 6:30 a.m., artist Pete Jimenez wakes up, drinks a hot cup of coffee, and walks around his “workshop cum tambakan alley” in Quezon City. It has been, according to him, a daily ritual to explore this small open space, his sanctuary, filled with […]


By John Legaspi  Under the moonlight, a cursed swan on an enchanted lake magically transforms into a lovely maiden. The swan’s flapping wings slowly turn into frail limbs, its webbed feet become toes en pointe, and its body, covered in snowwhite feathers, becomes wrapped in crystals and folds of tulle that flutter at every turn. […]