Low-profile Filipino digital investor and entrepreneur Rommel Santos, now based in Australia, is currently in town to visit his country of birth.

rommel - Aussie-based Pinoy digital entrepreneur in town

Rommel Santos

Santos is a known digital investor in Australia who has helped many Filipinos, particularly those in Mindanao “spend free money to earn free money.”

Santos’ friends and colleagues describe him as a “very successful entrepreneur, investor, businessman but has maintained a low profile.” He continues to share his techniques. He actively promotes conventional and digital investment economy. He has quickly caught the attention of the Dinar Dirham Koin (DDK) and digital enthusiasts’ community in general, because of his unique strategies in earning money or way to generate income.

Santos has been engaged in various multi-million peso projects that help and assist the indigenous Filipinos, especially those from Zamboanga and southern Philippines through various livelihood programs. With the dissemination of his advocacy of “spending free money to earn free money,” thousands have benefitted from this project.

In the modern day of conventional and digital economy, Santos believes that “the more free money spent, the more free money earned.” The investor isCrypto Revolution-Smart Asset Managers or CREV-SAM Philippines’ CEO/Founder.

Currently, he also holds the positions of being the President and CEO of Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACM), which promotes a well-managed and effective modality, designed to complement existing medical health regimes of people with recurring medical illnesses.

Always fascinated with the digital world and today’s technology, he was lured to another business venture – the latest financial technology called blockchain that he now actively promotes and disseminates.

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