Dear Moms, It’s OK to Stare

By MAE LORRAINE LORENZO A few years ago, I was having coffee with my daughter Jessy when I noticed some kids from another table staring at her intently and whispering at each other with obvious wonder. My daughter, who was four years old at that time, stood out among other children with her wideset eyes […]

Bedtime Bonding

By Jessica Pag-iwayan For years, studies have proven the importance of reading, especially for the kids. Cultivating the love for reading at a very young age widens their vocabulary and helps strengthen memory retention. This is no wonder that parents are trying their best to establish good reading habits with the whole family. Members gather […]


PARIS: Five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova, one of the world’s most recognizable and highest-paid sportswomen, on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) announced her retirement at the age of 32, and was immediately hailed as “a legend” and “great champion.” “Tennis — I’m saying goodbye,” Sharapova said in an article for Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines. […]

Prom Prep

It’s prom season again. And for many parents, this could be an emotional event. Prom, short for promenade, is a ball held at school usually for junior and senior high school students. Oftentimes, this includes a dance, and students dressing up in formal attire such as suits, gowns, and cocktail dresses. Proms have evolved over […]

How to Let Go?

By Jenny Dy Our daughters are 11, 10, and six, and we hit a milestone on independence this week. We let the two older ones walk to their grandparents’ house unaccompanied. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but my heartbeat paced a little faster until I got the message “we’re here,” because it’s […]

Coming of age

Two and a half years ago, the Boston Celtics traded down their No. 1 draft pick to the Philadelphia 76ers and moved to No. 3 – a deal that left a lot of heads shaking in disbelief. The No. 1 pick is the most valuable asset any team could have come Draft Day. Celtics president […]

A Youth Letter on the Spirit of EDSA

By JULES VIVAS Much has been said about the bloodless revolution that gathered millions of Filipinos in a series of demonstrations to liberate the country from the 21-year rule of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Sadly, among the discussions are arguments made by some of our fellow Filipinos who believe that the rally was just orchestrated by […]